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Free Health Evaluation and More!!!

****Please, take a free wellness evaluation by clicking here >>>

****Enter in health as first name / coach as second name / and as the email.  Click submit.  And choose “Start Again”

If you are interested in being more healthy OR know anyone who has health goals OR if you’re interested in trying some of the products, please contact me at Thank You!!!

(Being healthy can range from: weight loss, weight gain, muscle building, building your immune system, heart health, improving blood circulation, lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol, improving energy and maintaining it, digestive products for IBS or Acid Reflux, hair and skin care products, sleep/stress management, women’s and men’s health products, supplements for equivalent of 7 servings of fruits / vegetables, help eye health / vision, improve muscle recovery after works outs and maintain joint flexibility and decrease soreness, we also have KIDS shakes and multivitamins, as well as a sports drink and energy drink with less calories, no caffeine, no sugar and all the benefits of no crash after unlike coffee or gatorade or powerade or redbull or monster or any energy drinks or sports drinks.)

Please send this to everyone you know because obesity and being over-weight can lead to 10 times more likely health risk problems and I doubt anyone would want that for the ones they love and care about.


Hours and Location.

Classes held every Tuesday & Thursday, 6-7am, 715-815am find us in the parking lot.

Sundays 10-11am find us in the sand by tower 24!

$5 recommended donation. Nutrition included.

Santa Monica Beach
Hollister and Bernard Parking Lot, just South of the Pier
From the 10 Freeway:
Exit Lincoln Blvd, Left on Lincoln, Right on Ocean Park, Right on Barnard Way.

We are right next to Perry’s Cafe, by the volleyball courts!

If you are interested please contact me to sign up and register my email is

90 Day Challenge.

Topnotchapps is proud to be a part of the 90 day challenge!

Get in your best shape. EVER. Get rich doing it!
Time to put your New Year’s Resolution in FULL EFFECT. Beginning Wednesday, January 6th, Health and Wellness Coaching is launching the biggest event of the year: 90 DAY BODY CHALLENGE! Think Biggest Loser times 10. Get paid to get healthy for a chance to win Thousands of dollars in the PRIZE POT!!!

You will be teamed up with a professional health coach who will customize your 90 day program to LOOK and FEEL YOUR BEST.

The New England Journal of Medicine says that health goals are 50% more attainable when you have a coach to hold you accountable!

Need to lose weight? Gain weight? Maintain weight? Any health goal? It’s on! It’s just $29 to enter the prize pot of up to thousands of dollars!

Opportunity to attend health and nutrition classes, group workouts, and VIP ACCESS to our BRAND NEW HEALTH BAR!

Winners will be determined by:
1. Best Before/After Photo
2. Most Active Participant
3. Most Weight Lost

Contact your personal coach or email for more info and to register.

Finally, show your body who’s boss!


80% of all success is just showing up!

We’ve got an awesome program for you, and the best part, you get your healthy breakfast included! We’ve got 3 of la’s finest certified trainers in charge of getting your heart rate up, making you sweat, and most of all.. ensuring you have a GREAT TIME!

We’ve got one-of-a kind fitness programs specially customized to reach the potential of every athletic level. Whether you’re just getting started or you’re a high-end athlete, we guarantee to keep you on your toes!

We focus on:

  • cardio
  • core
  • resistance training
  • yoga/stretching

Unlike most classes, which are lead by only one instructor, our class is lead by THREE! You’ll get the same attention as you would a private session.. minus the cost!

Email me at

Job Opportunities

If you are looking for a job in the health and wellness industry or just love helping people please let me know!!!.

Or if you yourself would like to get in shape.  Email me at

– I am looking for 5-10 health coaches who are motivated and passionate about helping people reach their health goals.  Customer Service and Sales experience is a PLUS  (earning about $500-$1500 a month part time)

– I am also donating 10% of my profit to (HFF) for the children in the world who were hurt by the natural disasters and to help educate and improve children health choices.

– I am also giving away $25 iTunes Gift Cards each month to the person who refers the most buyers of my companies products.

– Also those who refer people can purchase their own health products at a discounted price (depending on how many referrals you give me that purchase products will determine your overall discount *each person 10% off*)

So please help me spread the word to not only get yourself and others healthy but to have a positive impact in the lives of children and sickness in the world.


Unlike other group workouts, we actually provide the nutrition right there on the spot! You’ll get your post recovery breakfast right after movin’ and shakin’ with us!

Our bodies are made up of trillions of cells that are constantly being reformulated throughout the day. Ever look at a person in their 50’s and wonder why they look more youthful than they did even in their 30’s? Well if you asked them their secret, the answer would most likely lead to nutrition. Our body cells need essential nutrients and vitamins so that we can function and look our best. Most people eat to feed their stomachs, how about eating to FEED YOUR CELLS? After all, you are what you eat!

With the countless number of diets around, we find ourselves taking nutrition myths found in the media, and regarding them as facts. Articles in magazines, websites, television, and other media sources often provide us with inaccurate information and we don’t even know it!  You can see why people are having a hard time losing weight! Let’s debunk those myths with a nutritional consultation. You will actually find out that losing weight and getting healthy can be very simple. Finally find out why DIETS DON’T WORK and let’s get you on a HEALTHY LIFESTYLE!


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