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Healthy Tip #1

Nutrition Tip: Some compounds are better absorbed from cooked tomatoes, carrots and spinach than when they are eaten raw.


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Herbalife Products Work!!! (PROOF!!!)

Herbalife Product and Science Center <Showing you around the labs at the U.C.L.A. labs and how products are made and stored>

UCLA Clinical Study: Meal Replacements <U.C.L.A. Clinical Study>

University of ULM Clinical Study: Meal Replacements <Actual Clinical Study in Europe.>

The Development of Herbalife Products <Introducing our Staff we have at Herbalife>

What is a Clinical Study? <Explanation of what a clinical study is by Dr. Heber PhD. Medical Doctor at UCLA labs.>

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Want a Free Wellness Evaluation?

To have a free wellness evaluation go to….

And type in: Health for first name / Coach for last name / and for email and click submit.  Then choose “Start Again”


My name is Bryan.  I am a health coach that works for Herbalife.

My job is to help individuals set goals for themselves to reach their ultimate potential and maintain a healthy lifestyle.  With our products and coaching team we will implement a long-term plan for you to reach your ultimate goals of fitness and weight gain / loss or maintenance.

The reason why our system is so successful is because we not only have multiple PhD. Scientists working at the UCLA labs developing our formulas but also a Nobel Prize winner.  Another reason why our programs work is because we setup our clients with a long-term goal and plan that reduces the chance of each individual from going back to their poor diet and relatively inactive lifestyles once they lose the weight they want.  Lastly, with a long-term plan in place you will not only stay healthier and live longer, but you will keep off the weight, look better and feel better about yourself.

“Changing Peoples Lives One Person At A Time”

I help people to build a plan based on their weight and fitness goals and coach them to use the Herbalife products they buy properly to achieve maximum results.

If you have any questions please email me.

Email me at and I’ll be more than happy to answer your questions.

Check out the website: Herbalife!!!

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1 Surgery turns into 3 weeks in the Hospital w/ unbelieveable pain!!!

Thank you for all the get well wishes.

Really horrible experience having a tube inside me the size of an apple cord.  And having 5 surgeries because a doctor made multiple mistakes on my procedures.  (3 major 2 minor surgeries)

Having a tube inserted into your chest isn’t fun.  Nor is having a bunch of people try to insert “stents” or “stints” into you which are basically clamps that hold your lining of your tissue together so other acids don’t get into vital organs.  And guess what the doctor didn’t close my tissue up around my gull bladder after they removed the gull stones and it caused an infection in my lower intestines.  I doubt anyone can imagine the extreme pain I was in not being able to eat any solid foods for 2 weeks… laying in a bed for 3 weeks… not being able to move what so ever.  And even after all these problems cost me enough to buy a small condo.  Too bad I didn’t have better insurance.  (So lesson here get great insurance, paying the monthly sum is better than paying 2 arms and 2 legs in the long run)  And even after that they had to actually remove my gull bladder because they didn’t get rid of all the gull stones, how stupid is that?  Why not remove the gull bladder to begin with and be done with all the problems?

Anyways I’m finally done and on the final road to recovery. YAY!!!

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This is a website where you sign in and answer daily questions to earn points toward merchandise.

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Welcome to Top Notch Apps!!!

iPhone and iPod Touch Application Reviews will now be done on TopNotchApps YouTube Page. >>> (TopNotchApps Link)

Reviews of Health Products and Health Tips from my company will be done here. >>> (247Herbalife Link)

Updates will be done for the 90 day body challenge on the following YouTube Page. >>> (90 Day Body Challenge Update Links)

Help spread the word about my channels please.

Subscribe to my channels if you like what I’m doing.  Thanks for the support!!!
I am also currently looking for 5-10 new health coaches interested in earning $500-$1500 per month.  If you are interested in the health field and enjoy selling products to people to help them reach their goals and are motivated in sales.  Then please contact me at

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